ChackFly aka Charlie blue TM. Import from Poland.

Tibetan mastiffs have been long used as guard dogs. Some are skeptical about them being used for Livestock guard dogs (LGDs), but we have had success with them. We have European Do-Khyi TMs.

Some also think this breed cannot be on guard with the herd unsupervised 24/7. However, again we have had success with this. Our animals are guarded 24/7 with these LGDs.

They are a very sweet breed but take their job seriously. They are free thinkers so becoming the alpha at a very young age is an important process with this type of LGDs. They require little correction once trained, if proper training is done early on in their puppy stage. You should not baby these dogs but they do not require a heavy hand. They will not listen if you are a pushover or don’t take the time to train them.

Our TMs guard our Nigerian Dwarf goats, SCI goats, American Blackbelly sheep, mini highland and miniature cattle, and have been housed in our Mulefoot hog pens on occasion. We will be training future pups for chickens and guinea fowl as well.

We will be offering started puppies for sale in the near future. These are only sold to working farms that will use them to guard livestock.

We reserve the right to deny any and all sales of our puppies to anyone. Only good homes and working homes will be considered.