GCR Frozen Tundra 2022 bull calf. BD1-, A1A2)
GCR Baby Belle 2021 heifer (BD1-, A2A2)

GCR Muffin 2021 Heifer (polled, A2A2, BD1-).

2019 GCR Bentley bull (A2A2, BD1-) and GCR Masarti

GCR Dillion bull 2021 (A2A2, BD1-)

God’s Country Ranch Miniature Highland cattle are all DNA tested. We also have other mini cattle bred to our three highland bulls. Duncan is BD1-, A2A2, Bojangles is BD1-, A1A2, Bentley is the son of Bojangles , and is BD1-, A2A2.

The meat from the highland breed is almost as famous as their distinctive look of long wavy hair and straight horns. These hardy cattle are capable of surviving harsh conditions. Their coat is actually double layered, made up of the long outer layer and a downy undercoat insulates them from extreme temperatures and the elements.

These miniatures have the same traits as the larger Highland only in a smaller more food efficient package, a maximum height of 43″. A dual purpose breed, used for both milk (A2A2 tested) and meat, produce a meat that is tenderer than other beef with less cholesterol with more iron and protein. This rugged and hearty breed are ideal as organic or grass-fed beef production. They are suited for smaller farms or acreages, requiring a third less food than the standard Highland cattle. On lower food amounts these cattle marble naturally and produce a lean high quality and low-fat beef.

For breeding, being the cutest of the miniature breeds, they have strong mothering instincts and calve easily. Dystocia is very uncommon and they can produce well into their teens. Weighing between 500-700 pounds, they produce enough meat for a family of four for half a year.

These docile minis are much easier and safer to handle then standards size, are calm and don’t spook easily; making them great for showing or pets. Only an acre is required for a pair and they are easier on pastures and fences. Mini Highland cattle are good browsers making them good for clearing brush and bramble.

Follow this page as we build our herd, offer calves for sale, or have meat for purchase. Thanks for visiting!

2020 GCR Holly and GCR Casper (Holly, A2A2, BD1-; Casper (Casper, A1A2, BD1-)

GCR Noelle heifer 2021, (BD1-).
 Lenz’s Duncan bull (DNA Tested, BD1-, A2A2)
 Daisy cow (DNA tested, A2A2, BD1-)
It’s All Good Bojangles bull (DNA tested, A1A2, BD1-), Elle May cow (DNA tested, BD1-, A2A2), and Betty Boop cow (DNA tested, BD1-, A1A2).
Ginger cow (DNA tested, polled, BD1-, A1A1)

Heaven’s Joseybelle cow (mini midsized jersey).