To see what Nigerian Dwarf goats are for sale, look for them on the For Sale page.

In addition to the Old English Mastiffs, the American Blackbelly Sheep, and Mulefoot Hogs raised here at God’s Country Ranch, we also raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats. The does produce one to two quarts of milk per day, which is high in butterfat and makes excellent cheese and butter. Make excellent pets too.

Our Nigerian dwarf goats are a closed, grass fed herd. We have registered and Non-registered NDs.
We have colorful goats, some are polled, come from good milking lines, some have blue eyes, and some have waddles.  A variety to choose from.

We only Kid once a year, in the spring, usually March-April. We do not dehorn, but we can band the boys at buyers request.   To see what we have for sale please check the for sale page. If you don’t see what your or looking for contact us to see what else might be available.  We do have a waiting list for kids. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list either call, text or email us with your request.

We require a non-refundable deposit to hold any animal until it is weaned and/or picked up. We will not hold anything without a deposit.