2018 Registered buck:

Elvis is for sale. He is a buckskin, with blue eyes and wattles.

We have a mini/midsized white park/Hereford bull calf. DOB: 5/22/20. If interested please contact for more information.

American Blackbelly lambs:

We have many ewe and ram lambs

Ram lamb, dob 3/10/20, triplet, bottle baby. We have many 2020 ABB lambs available

Nigerian Dwarf Kids:

Registrable Kids:

Retained at this time: Chamoisee Moonspotted buck: brown eyes, dob 3/10/20, twin, bottle baby

SOLD – Coco-Black w/ white buck: frost ears, polled , brown eyes, dob 3/10/20, twin, bottle baby

Retained at this time: Buckling. Polled, w/Waddles, Triplet, Dob 3/15/20

Non-registrable kids:


SOLD – Tan & white buckling. Polled w/Blue eyes, twin, dob 3/20/20

SOLD – White & black buckling w/ blue eyes, triplet, dob 3/09/20

SOLD – Tri colored buck, brown eyes , triplet, dob 3/09/20

SOLD – Black & white Buckling, blue eyes, triplet, dob 3/09/20Does

Sometimes, with all the happenings on a busy ranch, we get behind in posting our sales. If you do not see what you are looking for here, please contact us and we will attempt to answer your inquiry. We are always happy to hear from you!

Miniature Highland Calf

Miniature Highland Calf

SOLD – We have (1) miniature highland bull calf available. He is out of a silver highland bull and a black highland cow. Red Bull calf was born on 6/27/19. If interested please call, text or email for more info

2020 American Blackbelly Lambs

2020 American Blackbelly Lambs

2020 American Blackbelly Lambs are here. Have both Ram & Ewe lambs for sale. Sired by Ryanhe is a 2017 Ram #255 (1) 2019 American Blackbelly ram for sale A weeks notice is required for any buyers crossing state lines. Please contact for more information. Traveling Information: Buyer needs to contact their state dept. to […]

Pork, Lamb, and Goat Meat for Sale

Pork, Lamb, and Goat Meat for Sale

In addition to selling livestock, God’s Country Ranch also sells naturally raised pork, plus grass-fed lamb and goat meat. We will deliver it to the butcher, priced by its hanging weight. You can pick it up from there. Contact me to let me know what you want, thanks! Sold out of pork for this season. […]