French Bulldog puppies, all females

2019: This is Bear. He is looking for his forever home. He is 1 1/2 years old mastiff. He is house trained. Knows how to sit and basic commands. He is not food aggressive to me. He is adjusting to very well to his new surroundings. If you are interested in him please call or text me.



We have a litter of French Bulldogs, American Blackbelly sheep, and Mulefoot piglets available. Possibly have some miniature Highland calves this year. Check out our Facebook page via the link below.

We missed the breeding of our English Mastiff, for the planned breeding. We will breed this same bitch on her next heat cycle. Puppies would be fall.

Planned breeding: phoebe x Hummer

A week or more advance notice is required of pickup date for any animals crossing state lines. Health certificates are supplied at cost to the buyer.

God’s Country Ranch

Established in 2004, God’s Country Ranch is a 42-acre family-owned ranch in the Kirby Hills of the small town of Crivitz, Wisconsin. We do not use antibiotics in our animals, therefore, we are not polluting the environment with more resistant and stronger bacteria. Our meat does not contain any growth hormones, and our animals are grass fed. Raised as naturally as possible.

We raise endangered Mulefoot hogs. These hogs are on the endangered species list. We now offer a simple soap we make here. This soap is made with just four ingredients lard, lye, water, and essential oils. Using the lard rendered from

Our main focus at God’s Country Ranch is the breeding, raising, and selling of Old English Mastiffs, American Blackbelly Sheep, Mulefoot Hogs, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and Scottish Highland Cattle and French Bulldogs. We offer pets, breeding stock, and meat animals.

We also offer healthy lamb, goat or pork meat for sale. Sold by weight and we delivered to the butcher. Call for more information.

If you are interested in purchasing dogs, livestock, or used farm equipment, please check the For Sale page. We invite you to browse the website for information and images, then contact us with any questions or inquiries.

We now have a Facebook page and accept PayPal. Please check out our page, like, and share photos of the animals you purchased from God’s Country Ranch!